The greatest robbery | A Poem

April 17, 2018 | Posted by Matt Cook

The greatest robbery | A Poem

(Journal entry written by Matt Cook on April 17, 2018)

Alas, we stand firm
And not without grace
Be as it may
In love, in agony
Reciprocating as one
Our youth will never be forgotten

So too stood the common thief
Who stole our souls for pennies
Our exchanges believing heresy
Befitted irreverence
Begotten clandestine empires
Bewilderment of nature itself
The unthinkable

Sound the guns
Thwart the enemies within
Stand firm to affirm
We are one
In love, in agony
Would we have it change?
Would we remain it the same?

Outstanding obscurities unsolvable by death
Or belief in the very thing that you disbelieve?
There is no right or wrong anymore
There never was
Only a line to balance on
We are one
Says the opposing prince
Who would have it no other way

Fear of falling off
Fear of staying put
Fear of losing purpose
Fear of being loved
We are one
Says the armored one on the battlefield
Who would have it no other way

Both have met long ago
And both will meet for ages to come
Will they ever learn?
We hope
Since they are forever one and the same

In love, in agony

© Copyright 2018
Cook, M. Author
Written Nov 11, 2017, Edited April 16, 2018

Matt Cook
April 17, 2018

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