Finding Gold Manifesto

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Circa 2013:

“To my friends, loved ones, acquaintances, and those with a hunger for true world change,

This written manifesto is dedicated to aid my fund raising efforts to travel to Sierra Leone, Africa and meet with the newly re-elected president Ernest Bai Koroma. Our efforts: raising up leaders in the nation that will empower an economic transformation. By bringing much needed skills and ideas to ground level, it is my passion, desire, and the greatest single privilege of my life to go and serve these people.

From the blood diamond mines to the shipyards in Freetown, I am jumping right in and there’s no telling how far I will go. All I know is that I have a great vision, great favor, and God on my side. I will see this through and take as many of you who are willing along the journey with me. This is only the beginning. Join me in my journey…”




Request a Free Copy of Finding Gold Manifesto here

Author: Cook, M (2013). Finding Gold Manifesto

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