Matt is a Canadian entrepreneur, television & film producer, and aspiring writer. In 2012, he exchanged a six-figure income for a year of studying at a bible school with a missionary focus on economic development in developing nations.

With passions to create economic and social change, Matt moved to Sierra Leone, West Africa in 2013 launching “Kingdom Venture Capital Fund” (KVCF). Within 6 months KVCF raised $1.2m for the first flagship company; a cocoa exporting business which supplies global chocolatiers with cocoa beans direct from farmers. The company grew rapidly as it became favorited by the locals from increasing family incomes, planting churches, providing health care and basic necessities.

Within 6 months KVCF grew from 12 to 600 staff, working in 900 villages with 27,000 privately registered farmers; the largest exporting company within two countries. KVCF continued by building the largest cocoa nursery and plantation to date in Sierra Leone, which was soon after destroyed from the after-effects of Ebola that caused a prolonged country-wide shut down, vacancy of security, and a fire set to one of the warehouses.

In 2016 a new partnership was created, Freedom Farmers Inc., with the vision of replanting and revitalizing the agriculture industry, increasing ‘localized GDP’ to generate new incomes and help eradicate poverty one farming family at a time. The failure to raise enough continual finance in time for a return during peak harvest led Matt to re-think the entire KVCF operation and vision from a more bootstrapped, self-investing and unnecessary outsider perspective.

KVCF now singularly owns and operates a small handful of global companies and projects in Africa, India, US, and Canada, building up its portfolio to self-finance the vision of creating true economic and lasting change, and not be susceptible to the constant rejections and slowness of westernized venture capitalists, banks, churches and private equity funds, which in-large believe that foreign assets amidst unstable nations along with long-term operations are too socially driven and too much of a financial risk, albeit laughable and/or not worthy of their attention.

For creativity and lifestyle, Matt is Co-Producer and host of adventure travel television show “Travel by Dart”, where two friends throw a dart at the world’s map and travel wherever it lands, helping the people and places they visit along the way. Matt is Co-Producer of KVCF Films, a collection of documentaries and short videos that journal various adventures with the company and staff to seek change through its projects. Recently (2017) Matt is formulating a new partnership for Film Vessel, a division of Idea Vessel Inc. a digitally driven company that strategizes, develops and helps grow small to enterprise level socially driven brands and eCommerce companies.

Matt seldom speaks to churches and small groups on challenging conventional people to live boldly and achieve their dreams, seeking God through the pillars of society, why modern day church is failing, and how social entrepreneurship and Christianity can co-labor to bring global restoration.